Emily and Meeko - Sneek Peak

Ok... so I am TOTALLY cheating right now since I stole some screenshots from Emily and Meeko's wedding trailer they forwarded me. I would love to share the trailer since it made me cry my eyes out but I'll let Em and Allegra over at F & F show you that one. I will tell you that it was from the amazing videographer Josh from Rain Studios. Really cool stuff...

Now for a little montage. Just wait until we get the professional shots from Cameron Ingalls.

Mia, one of the Flower Girls...

The ridiculously gorgeous Baker sisters: Aly, Emily and Annie

Bride and Groom again... *sigh* so romantic!!!

Photobooth FUN


Me and Allegra from Frenchie & Flea! We love each other...

Don't you just love photoboots at Weddings? I have to admit that I just can't get enough of them (as you can see)! Take a look at some of my favorites from Emily and Meeko's wedding this past weekend....

Get ready for a serious photobooth montage starting now:

Emily and Brooke - sporting Untamed Petals of course!

Me and Nick being silly! That black wig is ridiculous!

Me, Emily and Annie (Em's Sister)....


Me, Jenna and Jenna's Dad Bob... isn't he the cutest!

Ok, so I went in about 50 times but aren't these the best?!?!??!

New Items in My Shop...

The Fascinators are finally in my shop! Hooray! Let me know what you think...

And a new Halo too... so pretty! One of Emily's bridesmaids Brooke wore this in the wedding!



This weekend went down in history at the first ever Untamed Petals Trunk Show at The Wedding Library. With the help of my friend Carrisa we transformed our space into a shabby chic masterpiece! We met tons of great brides and had lots of fun! The Wedding Library even liked out set up so much that they asked us to keep it in the store for awhile.. yippie!

Check out the great postcards Emily over at Frenchie & Flea made for the show... so cute! Everyone loved them!

I have to say that my favorite part of the show was having the opportunity to meet and work with Ariane from Two Birds Bridesmaid. She is one of the nicest and most inspirational people I have ever met. Her dresses are stunning and her business wisdom is remarkable. She is just about to launch her 3rd location in London next month after only 2 years or so in the business... unreal!

Thank you again to Emily and Carrisa for helping make this event a HUGE success!

For more pictures from the show head over to my flickr page!

Sneak Peek - Two Birds Bridesmaid and Untamed Petals Trunk Show


DSC_0778, originally uploaded by Untamed Petals.

This weekend I had a Trunk Show with the amazing Ariane of Two Birds Bridesmaid! Here is a sneak peek at my set up. More to come...

San Francisco Shoot

Yes this post is LONG overdue but I hope it is worth it! I have been SO busy getting ready for my big Trunk Show this weekend at The Wedding Library and haven't had a second to spare.

Take a look at some of the amazing pictures from my crafting weekend with Emily of Frenchie & Flea... they are awesome! We had so much fun putting some finishing touches on her wedding which is now only 11 days away and I can't even begin to tell you how amazing everything is going to look!

Enjoy... xoxo

Crafting away in Emily's kitchen...

A kitchen photoshoot... this halo is for one of the bridesmaids in Emily's wedding! LOVE!!!!

Then, off to the park by Emily's apartment in North Beach... who knew she was such an amazing photographer!?!?

Some of the newest fascinators from Untamed Petals soon to be listed in my shop!!

Thanks again Em for a fun filled weekend! I can't wait for your wedding!! XOXOXO

For anyone who would like a sneak peek at our crafting head over the the post of F&F here!

Getting inspired for a BIG week!

And feeling so inspired by these shabby chic brides as I get ready for a big meeting on Friday and a big photoshoot next week!

New Items in My Shop

Hello Friends! Check out the new line of Swarovski rhinestone belts for the glamour inspired bride now listed in my shop. More styles are coming soon so check back. 

Also, check out the new Untamed Corsage listed in my shop... wouldn't this look great in your hair too?? I love it!! 

Don't you just love Vintage Glamour? I sure do....

The Full Bloom Sashes are HERE!!

Sorry for the lack of posting... with a full time job and lots of custom orders a girl can only find so much time :) I am very excited to introduce my new like of bridal sashes made from the most amazing vintage and new silk blooms! I am gearing up for a big photoshoot in September so I will have some fin new photos to share soon but in the meantime here is a little collage I've thrown together... ENJOY!



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